Grace Dance Company presents Melbourne Fringe Festival’s online event, Sincerely Survivor

Grace Dance Company presents Melbourne Fringe Festival’s online event, Sincerely Survivor, exploring what often goes unsaid and unfelt here in Australia this November 2020 over various launch dates local and international. Inspired by submissions to the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System, we seek to amplify the voices of people who have lived mental health experience; creating art to enable our empathy.


Through dance we can rehumanise the experience of mental illness and institutionalisation; recognising the strength of those who share stories of survival. Sincerely Survivor is “Innovative and engaging… determined to give a voice to the voiceless” said Deborah Verdon of Grampians disAbility Advocacy. Caitlin Yolland PhD, Centre for Mental Health, Swinburne University shared that it’s “a powerful and stunning expression of experiences too complex to be communicated through words alone…. both crucial and beautiful.” 


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Image courtesy of Grace Dance Co