Get a taste of Twisted Element’s 'R I T U A L'

Posted on: 7/2/2019 7:25AM

R I T U A LAngela Hamilton's Twisted Element in Sydney will soon present its current work-in-progress at a teaser event at 107 Projects in Redfern, NSW. The immersive dance theatre show R I T U A L will be previewed on February 22 and 23. 


Hamilton said, “This is an intimate, small-capacity show of our first stage development. From here, it will be developed further to be staged on a larger scale later in 2019-20.”


Diving into bygone and bionic worlds, R I T U A L seeks to be immersive on a physical and psychological level, evaluating cultism, ceremony and mass conditioning. It’ll take the audience on a journey of their imagination, peering into the depths of human nature. 


Hamilton described R I T U A L as a “thrilling adventure for the senses”. For tickets to the preview events, visit


To get an idea of what Twisted Element’s last immersive dance work Opus was like, read Dance Informa's review or watch the YouTube trailer here


R I T U A L artwork courtesy of Twisted Element.



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