‘Fragile Matter’ bound for Launceston

Jukstapoz and Tasdance for Ten Days on the Island 2017Last weekend, Greek dance company Jukstapoz performed its work Fragile Matter at the Moonah Arts Centre. Presented by Tasdance in association with Tasmania’s arts festival Ten Days on the Island, Fragile Matter will now come to Launceston’s Princess Theatre this Friday, March 24.


Inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s epic film The Great Dictator, Jukstapoz’s Fragile Matter utilizes dance, theatre, storytelling and puppetry to craft a unique, entertaining and high-energy experience.


The touring show has found political and social relevance wherever it has ventured around the world. Audiences are stirred by the poignant significance to current cultural events and are often moved by the humanness brought to the characters.


Using the body as a metaphor for war and unity, eight embattled dancers “rally, resist and break out” in this work that is described as “both fiercely physical and intimate.”


Choreography is attributed to Christine Gouzelis and Paul Blackman, with the original lighting design by Luca Sirviö and the puppet design by Dimitris Nassiakos.


For more information on this show, or to learn more about Ten Days on the Island, visit http://tendays.org.au/event/fragile-matter.


Photo by Dermot McElduff.

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