FORM Dance Projects: sixbythree

FORM Dance Projects: sixbythree

FORM Dance Projects presents sixbythree, a festival of six dance works by three choreographers over three events at Riverside Theatres, Parramatta from 5-6 July 2024.

Yee-haw! Featuring a mesmerising original score composed by Ben Ely (Regurgitator), set in an imagined sweeping landscape of a classic old western, Cowboy by Michael Smith and The Farm is an interactive, solo contemporary dance work.
From surfing trains to taming horses to wandering the desert, this work unpacks your ability to have a complete, genuine, and meaningful experience as an imagined self. Saddle up and enter the world of Cowboy in the Courtyard of Riverside Theatres for a poignantly funny yet sensitive ride.

Quartette is a captivating evening of dance, of connection between internal and external worlds – of non-duality – all set within a whirling maelstrom of movement, sound and light.

Quartette is a unique collaboration performance between the rising star of Australian dance, choreographer-director Lewis Major, and his company, with his mentor Britain’s leading modern dance creator” (The Daily Express), the legendary Russell Maliphant OBE.

Four unique pieces investigate various poetic possibilities, universal rhythms and cycles performed by Major’s dancers.

A new one-on-one performance that embodies the beauty of human connection and the power of shared moments. In the gentle embrace of solitude, Lien, by Lewis Major, emerges as a testament to community and empathy, born as an antidote to the distancing and isolation that has shaped our recent history.

In this intimate exchange, one audience member and one dancer come together on an otherwise empty stage for a singular ten-minute encounter that will never be repeated. A spontaneous performance guided by the tender conversation that unfolds in the preceding moments; a gift to the audience member and a performance that no one else will ever witness.

sixbythree tickets are now on sale from $20-$50. Click here to book.

Cowboy by Michael Smith and The Farm, Image credit Anne Moffatt