FORM Dance Projects and Riverside Theatres present Dance Bites 2022

FORM Dance Projects and Riverside Theatres present Dance Bites 2022

FORM Dance Projects and Riverside Theatres present Dance Bites 2022: Let’s Dance, 11-13 August at Lennox Theatre. Let’s Dance is a double-bill by Chris Chua (BeatStorm) and Ryuichi Fujimura (Fall! Falter!! Dance!!!).

First up is BeatStorm – a collision between a video game and a movement performance. Motion capture devices track and project two players into a virtual world in real-time as they travel along a fast-moving path set to high-energy electronic dance music evocative of video gaming. In each level, players must dodge a barrage of obstacles and collect items by physically moving; there is a one-to-one correspondence of movement between the real and the virtual.

Inspired by games like Dance Dance Revolution, BeatStorm is a rhythm game requiring rigorous, sequenced movement to survive and to achieve a high score. Yet the virtual world rarely demands any specific shape or form, it is up to the players to plan or react to the game’s geometric offerings with movement that will lead to the players’ success.

BeatStorm will be performed by Chris and Nasim, where they will attempt to reach the end of the game, preferably with a high score. The space will then be opened for eager audience members to have a turn at playing the game. BeatStorm was first created for Submerge as part of Dancehouse’s Emerging Choreographers Program 2020.

“A true integration of technology and performance that had me desperate to get up and move!” said Lucy Guerin.

Fall! Falter!! Dance!!! is a humorous, poignant and sincere take on a contemporary dancer’s life, in which recognition is limited and the reward is small. Through Ryuichi’s solo, self-devised performance work, he asks himself the fundamental question: ‘why perform?’ Fall! Falter!! Dance!!! is supported by the NSW government through Create NSW.

“Ryuichi is a convincing performer whose intensity of thought is expressed in relatively simple yet dynamic actions,” said Sydney Morning Herald.

Tickets for FORM Dance Projects’ Let’s Dance begin at $28 and are on sale now. Click here for more information.

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