Dancebourne Arts returns to the stage with Five Elements

Dancebourne Arts returns to the stage with Five Elements

Following two challenging years of rehearsal and performance disruptions, Dancebourne Arts proudly returns to the stage in 2022 to present their sixth annual premiere: Five Elements, a revised and successful programme of original and new independent dance choreographies. Five Elements originally premiered in February this year, and will be performed in Drysdale on 17 July at the Potato Shed.

Our world, and the matter of which we are, is made up of the five great universal elements: earth, water, fire, air, and void. These five elements and the ongoing fascination and mystery of their co-existing balance is explored and interpreted with classical, contemporary, and physical dance responses.      

The Five Elements program was developed over a three-year period. Much thought and planning went into the stunning choice of classical and contemporary music, and the style and movements incorporated in the choreography. 

The classical pieces Air & Water were choreographed by Artistic Director Luanne Hyson who was professionally trained in New York at the School of American Ballet then went on to dance professionally in companies in Europe. Air, music by Ludovico Einaudi, challenges ideas of willingness and benevolence, and Water, music by Claude Debussy, connects ideas of emotion, defensiveness, and adaptability.

Earth has been choreographed by Gareth Belling (formerly with Queensland Ballet) and a master of contemporary dance (currently undertaking a PHD). It is to music by Peter Sculthorpe and is inspired by the magnitude of gravity.

Fire has been choreographed by Kathleen Skipp, an industry experienced innovator of contact contemporary dance, with original music composed for her piece by Australian composer Josh Mitchell. It counterpoints forms of passion and energy.

Finally, Void was choreographed under Luanne Hyson’s direction by the Australian award winning Aerial artist Shannon Prickett. Prickett experiments with concepts of power, spontaneity, and creativity to music by Clinton Shorter.

Dancebourne Arts has developed and produced original, reputable, and quality dance programmes since 2015. Tickets for their Drysdale performance of Five Elements are $25 for students and $32 for concession. Click here to learn more.