Chunky Move premieres ‘LUCID’ in Melbourne

Chunky Move premieres LUCID by Anouk van DijkDo we ever have truly unguarded moments anymore? When are we truly authentic? This May, Chunky Move presents the world premiere of LUCID, an intimate performance for a dancer, an actor and multiple cameras, which digs deeply into how we form, monitor and edit our own image in response to our heroes and icons, our imagined worlds and censored dreams.


Following critically acclaimed works An Act of Now (2012), 247 Days (2013), Complexity of Belonging (2014), Depth of Field (2015) and Rule of Thirds (2016), LUCID continues Chunky Move Artistic Director Anouk van Dijk’s study of the dynamics of contemporary human interaction. Joining forces with composer Jethro Woodward, set and lighting designer Ben Cobham (Bluebottle), costume designer Chloe Greaves and dramaturge Anny Mokotow, LUCID also reunites the sublimely physical Complexity of Belonging performers Stephen Phillips and Lauren Langlois. 


Wannabes, imagined worlds and censored beliefs. In our hyper-conscious times, dreams are available in the palm of a hand, the flick of a thumb, and every gesture, every twitch in our face is critiqued and controlled; private experiences are more publically accessible than ever before. In LUCID, two performers travel to places where they can be all that they desire, fear or censor, shape shifting in and out of other people’s skins, searching for pieces of themselves in the reflection of another.


In a world where every private and public moment can be documented, constructed and edited, LUCID interrogates the endless monologue in which we admonish, imagine and reconstruct our identities.


In this new work, Anouk van Dijk continues to expand upon her energetic and emotionally charged physical language. LUCID contrasts chaos with clarity, fearless abandon with the compulsion to continuously manipulate how we are publically perceived.


To see LUCID, head to the Chunky Move Studios in Melbourne, VIC, between May 26 and June 12. To check show times and reserve tickets, visit

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