Canberra Dance Theatre celebrates 40th year

Posted on: 23/3/2018 7:30AM

40th Anniversary of OpeningIt was 40 years ago in 1978 that Canberra Dance Theatre (CDT) was born. In 2018, the world-class studio celebrates its 40th birthday with a special project that will culminate in three performances at The Street Theatre on October 12-14.


The project is being coordinated by Jacqui Simmonds and has started with Sydney-based artist Emma Saunders’ “Happiness Is...” venture. Described as “hilarious and visceral”, this new work will take the theme of joy and happiness to the extreme. It will ask how we hold joy in our bodies at a time where there is so much pain in the world.


CDT members who want to be involved in Saunders’ “Happiness Is...” must attend a block of workshops taking place Saturdays from 2-5 p.m. and Sundays from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.


Block 1 has already begun, and required participants to be in attendance March 17 and 18, as well as upcoming dates like April 7 and 8, and May 19 and 20.


Block 2 will be June 9 and 10, June 30 and July 1, and August 11 and 12.


Block 3 will be in September on the 1, 2, 29 and 30.


Each workshop will create a one-minute section of the dance. If you come to that workshop you will be in that minute of the dance. The more workshops you come to, the more of the dance you will be in.


During the September workshops Saunders will be putting the dance together and making it sparkle. Dancers need to be at these workshops if they are planning to be in the October performances.


Some “minutes” will be group work and in others a dancer might be with a partner or dancing by herself. Some movement will be pedestrian, some more abstract and some deeply emotional.


The cost for Blocks 1 and 2 is $250 while Block 3 is $230. Dancers can also pay as they go for a weekend ($90) or a single day ($45).


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