<strong>Bonnie Curtis Projects presents Performance Making Workshop</strong>

Bonnie Curtis Projects presents Performance Making Workshop

The Beauty and The Grotesque Beast – Performance Making Workshop by Bonnie Curtis Projects will take place 5 March from 2:00 – 5:00 pm at the AMPA Alexandria Performing Arts Centre. This workshop is for performance-makers of all disciplines. Attendees will learn tools to create provocative, confronting and comedic performance.

How is our perception of aesthetics shaped by the culture in which we exist? How do social norms and stereotypes impact our self-expression?

How can we defy our learned ethos and bring our caricature from the shadows and into the light?

Can we become both beautifully grotesque and grotesquely beautiful?

Beauty and The Grotesque Beast teaches the research practice developed by performance maker Bonnie Curtis. This workshop breaks down methods of creating provocative, confronting and comedic performance.

Drawing on aspects of satire, parody, burlesque, dance theatre, dark comedy, surrealism, and pop culture, participants will learn how to develop material and characterisations that challenge stereotypes, social norms and expectations of gender and beauty.

Using guided writing tasks, improvisation, movement exploration, practical exercises and group discussion, participants will work individually and collectively to uncover their beautiful, grotesque beast.

This workshop offers participants a safe space to step outside their comfort zone, push beyond their limits, and dive into creative exploration and risk-taking to enhance their toolkit and create impactful work.

Beauty and The Grotesque Beast is a workshop for performance-makers of all disciplines, such as choreographers, dancers, directors, actors, circus artists, and anyone with an interest in movement practices.

This event is accessible and inclusive. If you have accessibility requirements or require a companion to attend, please email access@bonniecurtisprojects.com or call 0420 308 221.

Tickets to attend Bonnie Curtis Projects’ Performance Making Workshop begin at $52.78. Click here to learn more.

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