Australian Ballet School grads land contracts

Students of The Australian Ballet SchoolMore than half of the graduating students from The Australian Ballet School have now signed contracts to dance professionally. For these talented and dedicated students it means a dream come true, the chance to get paid to do what they love so much and the first steps in a career journey that could take them to the world’s greatest ballet stages.


The Australian Ballet has signed five of its own students, including Marcus Morelli, Simon Plant, Drew Hedditch, Emma McFarlane and Corey Herbert. Then, student Phebe Sleeman will go to the West Australian Ballet, and student Kirby Selchow will go to Royal New Zealand Ballet. Plus, there are more contracts that will be announced soon.


The school is thrilled that the beginning of these students’ careers is secured so early. Officials say they are looking forward to hearing more good news over the coming months as the remaining students weigh up the offers that will come their way.


Marilyn Rowe OBE, Director of The Australian Ballet School, said, “I am delighted that already 12 contracts have been offered to students in this year’s graduating class. This wonderful result reflects the continuing high standard achieved by our young dancers and the excellence of the training offered by The Australian Ballet School, the school of The Australian Ballet.”


She continued, “Five of the school’s most talented students from this year’s graduating class will be joining The Australian Ballet in 2014. Over the school’s 49 year history, it has trained more than 370 students for our national company, many of whom have gone on to have significant careers, not only as dancers but also as teachers, choreographers, artistic directors and health professionals.”


David McAllister AM, Artistic Director of The Australian Ballet, agreed that this is a real success for the school and said, “The whole company is looking forward to welcoming our new recruits in 2014 and seeing the careers of these five young and talented dancers blossom.”


Ethan Stiefel, Artistic Director of the Royal New Zealand Ballet, also chimed in. He said, “We look forward to working with Kirby Selchow and welcoming her to the Royal New Zealand Ballet team. We’re also happy to be continuing our relationship with The Australian Ballet School.”


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Photo: Graduating students of The Australian Ballet School that have received noteworthy contracts. From left to right, boys: Simon Plant, Drew Hedditch, Yael Shervashidze, Nathan Brooke, Cameron McCormack and Marcus Morelli. From left to right, girls: Emma McFarlane, Corey Herbert, Phebe Sleeman and Kirby Selchow.