Anton's NARCIFIXION, new Australian dance work

Posted on: 19/4/2021 6:00PM

FORM Dance Projects and Riverside Theatres will present NARCIFIXION, a dark and humorous dance work  about narcissism, at Riverside Theatres from 13th to 15th May. It will also be available to watch online on  15th May. 


Led by high-profile Australian independent dance artists and powerful performers, Anton (Legs On The Wall,  Australian Dance Theatre, Bangarra Dance Theatre) and Brianna Kell (TasDance, Dance Makers Collective,  DirtyFeet), NARCIFIXION is a pertinent, highly detailed and expansive contemporary dance duet, examining  identity in the digital age. 


Inspired by narcissistic behaviour epidemically prevalent across the screen space, the work follows physical  characters in a constant state of exhibiting and observing themselves. Tapped, scanned and swiped, this  enticingly strange world is jam packed with riotous dance, physical characters and over the top theatricality. 


Set in tune to the deep synth vibes of Jai Pyne and illuminated by Steve Hendy, the dance of NARCIFIXION is dense, superficial, super serious and profoundly absurd. 


Anton says, “fascinated by human behaviour in an era of obsessive absurdity, NARCIFIXION reimagines  identity in the digital age. Finding curiosity in the copious amount of time spent observing and creating  'perceived' lives on screen - NARCIFIXION enters a dance for two characters in a constant state of exhibiting  and observing themselves. The work intersects virtuosic dance and physical characterisation creating a  satirical, theatrical commentary paying close attention to the darker side of our self-obsessed era”. 


For further information visit: online at


Image courtesy of Jhuny- Boy Bora 



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