<strong>AMPA Dance Open Classes & Auditions</strong>

AMPA Dance Open Classes & Auditions

Academy of Music and Performing Arts is delighted to partner with March Dance Festival for the third year. Between the 20-23 March, AMPA will open its doors to dancers 16 and above interested in joining the Bachelor & Associate of Dance students for a week of training in ballet, contemporary & jazz.

This opportunity is particularly suitable for individuals curious to learn more about AMPA and what it is like to study dance in a tertiary environment.

Monday 20 March’s classes are: 8:30am Beg-Int Contemporary, 8:30am Int-Adv Ballet, 10:15am Beg-Int Ballet, & 10:15am Int-Adv Contemporary.

Tuesday 21 March’s classes are: 8:30am Beg-Int Contemporary, 8:30am Int-Adv Jazz, 10:15am Beg-Int Jazz, and 10:15am Int-Adv Contemporary.

Wednesday 22 March’s classes are: 8:30am Int-Adv Ballet and 10:15am Beg-Int Ballet.

Thursday 23 Marchs’s classes are: 8:30am Beg-Int Ballet, 10:15am Int-Adv Ballet and 12:00 Commercial.

All classes are 90 minutes and will take place at 4/85 O’Riordan St, Alexandria. To register, email studio@ampa.edu.au 

If you enjoy AMPA’s open classes, they are calling passionate, curious, and dedicated dancers to audition for their Bachelor & Associate Degree Programs!

AMPA focuses on developing well-rounded & versatile dance professionals. Throughout their training, students build skills in performance, choreography, and production as well as enhance their academic proficiency.

AMPA offers Fee-Help for domestic students and credit for Dip. & Adv Dip. graduates interested in upgrading their qualification (Pathway Program). 

AMPA Auditions will take place on Tuesday 11 April at 4/85 O’Riordan St. Alexandria. Video auditions are available for interstate and regional students. Click here to take the next step with AMPA!