Movitae and ATOD partner to provide online syllabus access

Posted on: 1/9/2017 11:25AM

Movitae and The Australian Teachers of Dance (ATOD) have partnered upMovitae and The Australian Teachers of Dance (ATOD) have partnered to provide access for ATOD members to syllabus material anywhere, anytime via their smartphones. This partnership between a leading Australian syllabus provider and an innovative dance specific online learning platform is paving the way for a new era of dance syllabus provision.


As well as making it super easy for teachers to immediately view the very latest version of the syllabus, it will also allow students of registered ATOD schools who use Movitae to receive communication and feedback direct from their teachers to their computers and smart devices.


Created by former Royal Ballet dancer Angela Gendall, Movitae has created a uniquely powerful combination of easy private video sharing, school wide communication and high quality dance resources; assisting school management and supporting student engagement and learning. It’s web and app based environment means content can be accessed across different devices, is always up to date and does not take up space on phones and devices. All of these benefits make Movitae a perfect partner for ATOD, a leader in the field of dance education.


ATOD delivers quality, innovative training systems and services. True to its vision, it develops a culture based on continuous improvement in syllabi content and implementation, teaching practice and ongoing professional development.


If you would like to find out more about creating your dance school’s own communication and learning online hub, or about accessing your ATOD syllabus online, contact Movitae at Visit for further information.



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