Expressions Dance Co. presents ‘Propel’

Posted on: 28/2/2017 9:00AM

Jake McLarnon and Alana Sargent. Photo by Samara Sutton-BakerEmerging local and international choreographers are set to be propelled into the spotlight from 3-11 March when Queensland’s premier contemporary dance troupe, Expressions Dance Company (EDC), presents Propel at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art.


Four vastly different choreographers—Lisa Wilson, Amy Hollingsworth and Elise May from Australia and Xu Yiming from China—will feature their work on EDC’s award-winning dancers. EDC Artistic Director Natalie Weir said the platform allows each choreographer to shine using their mutual love of movement as the basis of their works.


“Each of the choreographers have different styles, producing works that are theatrical and edgy,” she said. “This is the second time that EDC has presented Propel with the intention of providing an opportunity for Australian and international emerging and established chorographers to present work in a supportive environment.”


Chinese guest choreographer Xu Yiming features in Propel as part of EDC’s “China Australia Dance Exchange Project”, which facilitates the creation of collaborative new works, residencies, exchanges and tours. An Australian premiere, his acclaimed solo Waiting Alone, redefines movement.


“Xu Yiming will also perform as a guest artist in EDC’s 2017 signature work Behind Closed Doors later this year,” Weir said. “It’s exciting that audiences will have the opportunity to see both his choreographic talents as well as appreciating him as a beautiful dancer and artist in 2017.”


Australian choreographers Lisa Wilson, Amy Hollingsworth and Elise May are all stunning emerging and established artists at different stages of their choreographic careers who will present works brimming with rich diversity and beauty.


Lisa Wilson’s Hollow Lands examines the powerful feelings that surge inside us when we come to the brink, creating a work that teeters between abandonment and structure. Inspired by the sculptural light instillation Through Hollow Lands by Etta Lilienthal, this striking work features a dramatic lighting design by Ben Hughes.


Contemporary dance powerhouse Amy Hollingsworth draws viewers into the all-consuming, heartbreaking and exhilarating rollercoaster of human relationships. Deeper Than Ink captures the emotional intensity of someone being inked on your soul, deeper than any tattoo.


Elise May's Written on the Body highlights the power we each hold to determine who we let into our intimate private world, how each person shapes the way we perceive ourselves and how each encounter changes our future.


Tickets for the limited season of Propel are on sale now. To book, visit


Photo: Jake McLarnon and Alana Sargent. Photo by Samara Sutton-Baker.



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